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About K12 Canaan…


K12 Canaan is the evolution of the The Native Egg Project.  Native Egg began its work at one school in Canaan Haiti in early 2018, and found itself wanting to do more. K12 Canaan serves as a parent non-profit organization for individual like minded projects that wish to provide for the schooling and provision of students all over Haiti.

Consolidating purchasing of things like shipping, website work, airfare, and other costs associated with this sort of work will give the individual projects and their leaders greater buying power and lower operating costs. K12 will also provide centralized accounting, reporting and governorship even further eliminating load on projects.

Maybe most importantly, together, the organization will have more authority to maintain relationships with individuals and government. This increased influence will give project leaders leverage and control that they otherwise likely cannot maintain on their own.

The mission of K12 Canaan is to enable leaders who want to provide for the students of Haiti, an organization that will empower them… at little or no financial cost to their efforts.